We are a husband and wife team that has been doing photography together for over 10 years now. Both of us dabbled in it when we were younger and a little after we got married but we really never pursued it fully. After the purchase of our first fairly high-end digital camera, our endeavors into photography grew exponentially.

Nature photography was our passion and it took us many places with many great adventures. We learned a great deal about wildlife and how to photograph them and at the same time expanded our skill set in using the camera to our best advantage. We still enjoy our nature photography and are always looking for new places and new challenges.

Our portrait photography was born out of our ambition to try something new. We wanted to offer something different though, something that you couldn't just go to anyone to get. The customer experience needed to be relaxed and not rushed like so many other studios. We also offered some unique features that we did with our photographs that weren't offered anywhere else.

We enjoy the whole new parent experience, from Maternity to New Borns all the way through their first year. It's been a privilege to watch these children grow up and to know you have been able to give to the parents glimpses of this through our photography.

Then we move on to the Senior Photography. That moment in their lives where they are about to become true adults. It's amazing to see how diverse they become from their simple beginnings. We strive to capture the essence of each individual in this defining moment.

As we progress to weddings, you realize again how much of a defining moment this is in their lives. Our first few weddings were nerve racking because it's not like you can go back and do it again. After a few though, you really get into it. Capturing as much of that wonderful day as possible is exhilarating and always presents new challenges.

Now that you have learned a little about us, maybe you can share a little with us. Every photo session is a new experience and an opportunity for us to capture a glimpse of your life for you to treasure forever.